About the Shop

In a part of my studio where I make my goodies.

In a part of my studio where I make my goodies.

Located in Toronto's Eclectic westend

The Dream E headquarters are located in the funky fringe neighborhood of Parkdale in Toronto. With surrounding neighborhoods and parks such as High Park, Lakeshore, and West Queen West, Dream E's vision and spirit on natural cosmetics is about loving nature, while still appreciating the fashionable flare that is Queen Street West.  Dream E products are aimed at being down-to-earth, and good for you, while still having the scents and the fun the mainstream beauty industry offers.

About Me!

I was born in Toronto and raised in the surrounding subarbs. Growing up, I was always into the Arts. And making things is a huge part of me. After graduating from artschool, I decided I wanted to design and market a natural, fashionable skincare line for the average gal, and thus Dream E was born! I also love to write and Dreamy Reveries, my blog, is a homage to all my passions; film, art, music, writing, cooking/baking and all things DIY! Check it out for some great free tips...