Dream E at the sea...or lake...

Who doesn't love beaches? The pretty blue and white waters lapping on the shores of beige sand. The brilliant sun reigning down on you...It's actually quite relaxing and beautifying for the soul. This end of July, I was able to escape for a bit, just a bit, to Cobourg Ontario, where you can possibly mistake its main beach as a place much farther from the busy bustle of Toronto than it is. But at about an hour away...there was nothing to lose with a quick trip out of town to enjoy part of my summer.

I have been working all summer for my day job as a fashion consultant at a boutique in Parkdale, and I've neglected Dream E for long enough. I want to get back into the thing that matters to me the most; making my gentle and fun natural cosmetics available to the world! So brace yourselves for perfumes, balms and soaps...all coming up in the fall/winter of the Dream E line...but for now enjoy some of the photos of me getting away at the beach...

IMG_1313 (2).JPG
IMG_1365 (2).JPG
IMG_1487 (2).JPG

Have you given yourself a chance for r and r this summer? If not, it's not too late...take a breather and take in the natural beauty around you, whether it is at a local park, your garden, or a path in the woods, just do it, before winter comes!


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