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Antioxidant Face Balm


Organic cocoa butter is a rich plant butter known to increase skin elasticity, and along with skin softening shea butter, it works increase the suppleness of your face for wrinkle prevention. This emollient balm also contains vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant that will fight free radicals and aid in the healing of existing skin stresses. Scented with rose and ylang ylang essential oils for hydration and relaxation. This balm when used with in a regular night routine will help keep skin looking youthful, and the signs of aging (wrinkles, face sagging) at bay. Packaged in 1 oz tins.

Directions for use: Use this face balm as part of a night time skin care routine, after cleansing and before night cream. Concentrate use in areas of risk such as around the eyes, forehead and near the mouth etc. Any area where skin suppleness needs improvement.

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